How projects end

By Gordon Rugg

Every year, another batch of students go out into the world, and discover what it’s like to work on a project within an organisation. Project planning is a world of Gantt charts and milestones and deliverables, workpackages and activities, all neatly tabulated in spreadsheets and named in management-speak, and overwhelmingly confusing to the beginner.

So if you’re having to plan your first project, what do you need to remember to include? Here’s a list of the usual activities within the final workpackage of a typical project. This list been floating around the corporate world for a long time, but it’s still as relevant as ever.

You may find it useful…

Template for final workpackage and associated activities

Workpackage X: Ensuring optimal integration of project outcome within company policies

Activity 1: Deny involvement

Activity 2: Scapegoat the innocent

Activity 3: Blame the uninvolved