From boilerplate to pixy dust: Useful writing tips for stressed students

By Gordon Rugg

There’s plenty of guidance and advice available if you’re a professional who is wrestling with writer’s block, or who wants to know which sections a psychology journal paper should contain, or who is idly wondering whether the colon they’ve just typed should be followed by uppercase or lowercase.

It’s harder to find guidance if you’re an ordinary mortal facing problems like:

  • I’m trying to finish this essay but it’s 4 am and my brain’s frazzled and I want to cry
  • Why do I keep getting low marks even though I write lots of relevant stuff?
  • Is this good enough to get a decent mark?
  • Is this good enough to even scrape a pass?
  • Will I manage to finish this wretched thing by the deadline?

This article provides some help for stressed-out human beings in those situations.

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