Categorisation of gender: Gordon’s art exhibition, part 2

By Gordon Rugg

I have an art exhibition at Keele University until October 25th. The exhibition consists of twelve canvases.

The first six examine depictions of women in epic texts, described in my previous article.

Canvases seven to twelve examine ways of categorising gender, which will be the topic of this article. image8

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Binary categorisation: The raw, the cooked, the rare and the chocolate

By Gordon Rugg & Jo Hyde

Human societies like dividing things into two categories. They’ve been doing it for a long time. For instance, a large chunk of Leviticus in the Old Testament is about dividing things into the categories of clean and unclean. The Codes of Hammurabi involve dividing things into the legal and the illegal. There are plenty more examples where those came from. This article is about ways of visualising how people divide up their world when they go beyond the simple two-category approach.

The image below shows occurrences of “unclean” (red squares) and “clean” (green squares) in Leviticus, using Search Visualizer:

unclean clean leviticus

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