Life at Uni: Exams

By Gordon Rugg

How do you get good marks in an exam, with the minimum of stress and the minimum of wasted effort?

You probably already know the basics, such as reading each question carefully, planning your answers, budgeting your time, writing at least something for each question, etc, so I won’t go into those. Instead, I’ll focus in this article on points that many students don’t know, and which can make a significant difference for comparatively little effort.

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Weekend humour: Qualifications

By Gordon Rugg

If you’ve ever wondered whether you really needed to learn all the stuff that was included in some course that you’ve taken, you might find the following story useful. Not encouraging, not inspiring, but useful…

Yet, as my name was embraced in a law-firm, it seemed to me proper to take out a license.  Accordingly, one day when United States Judge Lecompte was in our office, I mentioned the matter to him; he told me to go down to the clerk of his court, and he would give me the license.  I inquired what examination I would have to submit to, and he replied, “None at all;” he would admit me on the ground of general intelligence.

MEMOIRS OF GENERAL W. T. SHERMAN (2nd edition), Chapter VI

William T. Sherman, 1885