Exam season mood lifters

By Gordon Rugg

It’s exam season. Academics are feeling blue because they have to do piles of marking. Students are feeling blue because they’re dreading the results of that marking.

It’s a good time for a mood lifter.chingiz khan

Still from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amCeqrpYzes used under fair use principles, as a low-resolution still used for humorous purposes.

Here’s something that should brighten your day without demanding too much mental effort. It’s Japanese idols singing Dschinghis Khan. The song is indeed about the Mongolian leader Genghis Khan, whose name has an impressive number of variant spellings. It had its origins in Eurovision, in 1979, where it was performed by the band Dschingis Khan. I’ll draw a discreet veil over that experience. Anyway, here’s the Japanese idols version.


If your humour tends towards surrealism, then the Leningrad Cowboys cover of the same song is well worth trying, and has the added bonus of the subtitled lyrics in German (although they aren’t singing in German or their native Finnish, because that would be too easy):


If your musical tastes tend towards the macabre, then you might like the Leningrad cowboys doing country and western:


Yes, this is indeed a Finnish band singing in English with Spanish subtitles.

If this is your first encounter with the Leningrad Cowboys and you’d like to see more, then you might like the film that started them on their way, Leningrad Cowboys go America:


I hope this has brightened your day.




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