Monday Mood Lifter – YMCA in Cantonese

By Gordon Rugg

If you’re tired and jaded, and even fish rubbing or hunting stuffed moose can’t bring a sparkle into your life, then fear not, since help is at hand.

This is the inimitable George Lam version of YMCA. It’s completely suitable for work; the only thing it lacks is a video to do justice to the unique qualities of this cover. Though, thinking about it, I’m not sure whether any video could do justice to it…

Anyway, here it is; I hope it brightens your day.

PS: As an added bonus, if you liked that, you could go on to try his cover of Uptown Girl (with suitable-for-work video of a live performance, on a Segway, sung and subtitled in English and Cantonese). You’re unlikely ever to see anything else quite like it.




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