Hunting stuffed moose in Norway

By Gordon Rugg

Today’s post shows a little-known Norwegian activity: Hunting the stuffed moose.

Yes, it’s a real, old, photo. Yes, that really is what the caption for the photo said. No, I don’t know the background story. Sometimes, Lovecraft was right about there being things that human minds were never meant to know…

I hope this image brightens your life.



4 thoughts on “Hunting stuffed moose in Norway

    • I think that it was probably a staged photo, maybe for the tourist trade. There’s still a lot of staging in natural history photography, because nature isn’t usually very co-operative with photographers, though most of the modern staging is subtler than this example. (Well, almost anything is subtler than this example!)

      • You’re probably correct that it is just staging… I have several old photos dating back to pre-WWI, and it was very popular to do this. I have one of Stanley, with an African “backdrop” and a African boy… but it was taken in NYC! He had adopted the boy, I think… and he helped him out with these shots.

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