Update and future attractions

By Gordon Rugg

The current state of play is as follows:

  • Verifier: We’ve posted articles covering about a quarter of one of the four “virtual toolboxes” in Verifier. Something tells me this will be a long haul…
  • The D’Agapeyeff Cipher: We’re taking a short break from posting on this topic, while Gavin tries out his newly-acquired decoding software; we’ll post the results.
  • Hoaxing the Voynich Manuscript: I’m over halfway through the series and aiming to finish it this month.

Future attractions:

  • A set of articles about design, requirements and evaluation
  • A set of articles about the mathematics of desire – what people want, how to find out what they want and what they need, and how to design for desire
  • Articles on the deep structure of society and culture, including media and ideology

There will also be an update on the raccoon flap saga, for anyone wondering how that’s turned out. Also, I’ve solved the mystery of Vitruvius Mattress, the little-known Brookside character; that should be good for a short article some time. What I haven’t solved is the new mystery of why the WordPress tagging software helpfully suggested Brookside characters as a tag for this post, even before I’d mentioned Vitruvius…

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